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SpeedX, Asphalt Valentine, Ledfoot Messiah, Branded With Fear

Mike Stone destroys the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta with his new band SpeedX

I have been fortunate as of late to shoot a number of national touring acts complete with photo pit, giant stages, lighting systems which come with their own dedicated semi’s and lighting designers…your basic full on rock production. These grandiose spectacles begin in the local scene as do most of the musicians, management, promoters, technicians, photographers and the motley cast of characters that work in the music business.

I was fortunate this night to cover a local event promoted by longtime friend and local rising artist management star Eric Newcomer of NU Enterprises. No Pit, no 100,000 watts of lighting, just the best local music, musicians, fans, and friends Atlanta has to offer.

Mike Stone and Nick Catanese - What a duo!

For shooting, it was one of those nights when you find yourself talking to the lights as if you can trick them into just one stop more of light and you wish you could reach up and position them to your liking. In the end, you just take a deep breath, crank up the ISO to 6400+, and have a blast!

Branded with Fear
Branded With Fear

Ledfoot Messiah

Atlanta's Ledfoot Messiah performs at the Hard Rock Cafe

Asphalt Valentine
Strip Rock Roll creators Asphalt Valentine


SpeedX performs live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta

Allen Ross Thomas is an Atlanta, Ga based music industry photographer available for concert, promotional, portrait, and editorial coverage for local bands, national tours, multi-day festivals, and international music events.

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