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Stryper's Michael Sweet performs live at Rocklahoma 2009
Closing out day three of Rocklahoma 2009, Stryper says To Hell With The Devil and the Heat. They say hot and humid weather is great singing weather, and Michael’s vocal performance was spot on and beyond anything I have heard on their recorded works. Unbelievable.

An exceptional warm up performance to their 25th anniversary tour starting in the fall of 2009, Stryper delivered a set of 80’s classics. While not the full on Yellow and Black attack, the 25th anniversary tour will include 80’s style wardrobe and sets featuring orginal bassist Tim Gaines along with current bassist Tracie Ferrie.
Oz Fox shreds at Rocklahoma 2009
Stryper's Robert Sweet - the visual timekeeper
Stryper's Tracy Ferrie
Stryper's Michael Sweet
In shooting, I must admit a bit of disappointment. Lighting was grand, but this was largely the Oz and Michael show. Tracy Ferrie stayed out of the spotlight. Robert Sweet, the self proclaimed “Visual Timekeeper”, was my most anticipated photo opportunity of the festival. Robert has historically placed his drums facing stage right giving a clear view of his visual and audible interpretation of the music. He has changed this placement to stage left making himself largely obscured from view and requiring timing of cymbal hits to show just partial visibility of his percussion.

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