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RATT: Rock N America Festival

Stephen Pearcy

Closing out the third and final day of OKC’s Rock N America Festival, famed 80’s artist RATT bring a party atmosphere of classic 80’s tracks and handful of select songs from their 2010 release Infestation.

Warren DeMartini

Stephen Pearcy

Bobby Blotzer

Pearcy / DeMartini

Warren DeMartini

Stephen Pearcy

Warren DeMartini

Shooting Notes:

A bit of an odd one for the first three of the headliner set. An overcrowded pit as is customary for the last band in a festival setting. More so, the band hit the stage without follow spots and very limited stage lighting for most of the first song. When a lone spot did arrive, it focused entirely on Steven Pearcy, even following him and staying with him offstage even as Warren DiMartini was in full solo center stage. Lights arrived during the second song in odd shades of pink. By the third song, most of the lighting had been worked out though stage right remained in the dark. Metering was all over the place as a result from 1/400 F2.8 ISO800 – 1/200 F2.8 ISO6400.

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