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Thank you old friend


I have no secrets. What you see is what you get. It is simply not possible to make a living in music photography without living in your Mom’s basement. This includes live music, band promo, artist portraits, et al. There are truly great people in this industry (you know who you are) and true leeches in this industry (you know who you are too). If you are questioning yourself right now you fall on the leech side. That is not my problem, it is yours. This is my first blog posting in over two years. There are a variety of reasons for this. Day job needs, which I am very thankful for. The Ex, and I highlight EX girlfriends who think sitting in traffic after work for two hours, paying for parking, not having dinner, not being with your family, being sent packing after three songs or around 15 minutes on a good night is some kind of wild stripper party backstage I participated in. We most certainly do not get the VIP treatment. No catering, No open bar, No stripper poles, No pay. That stuff doesn’t ever happen anymore. This is the business and politically correct 2010’s or whatever you call it. Hell, I often receive not even a photo credit which is worth about as much as a pile of my dogs poop anyway. I do this because I love it. I do this because I need it. I do this because I care about you more than you care about me and more often than not more than you care about yourself. I do this because I will become an axe murderer if the creative beast does not get out. To me, photography is the most intimate form of communication that exists. The perfect blend of art, science, and life at a moment in time that can never be repeated or experienced again.

Pick your pleasure. For me that was Nikon. This weekend I retired one of my Nikon D700’s. The best price/performance/pro camera Nikon has ever created. Economics will prohibit them from making that “mistake” again . Both bodies have over 350,000 shutter actuations. They cost around $3,000.00 US apiece. They have served well for over 8 years each. Enter the Nikon D750. Half the cost of the D700. Twice the performance. I shot a festival this past weekend with two Nikon D750’s. 8,000 frames. One mine, one on loan from the amazing Nikon NPS. I have not felt this good in a very long time, and I thank a little machine for that. The Nikon D750.

…And I’ve moved to Adobe Lightroom. As the amazing, in camera interpreting, Nikon Capture NX2 does not support the Nikon D750. Nikon Capture NX-I sucks. Lightroom is not much better but it is the standard. There is pure magic in Nikon RAW conversions which Adobe ACR/Lightroom still does not get. This makes me sad but I will learn to live with it and be very vocal about its many shortcomings. Capture NX2 was magic. Nikon blew it there.

FWIW, this photo was captured at ISO 12,800 just for grins. Nothing terribly special about it, but it looks and feels like warm apple pie in my hands. Thank you Nikon for saving my life. Here we go. Cue some F’N music of your choice. \m/. This is mine.

Rock and Roll my friends. The beast is back. No one (including myself) will take away from me the things I love and need ever again.

Allen Ross Thomas is an Atlanta, Ga based music industry photographer available for concert, promotional, portrait, and editorial coverage for local bands, national tours, multi-day festivals, and international music events.

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